The Story of South

Price and I lived many years in both Southern and Northern California which means not only did we have access to lots of travel in Mexico but we had a plethora of choices for fresh and flavorful Latin food in our neighborhoods. Grabbing a burrito is a cultural mainstay of the Bay Area to which we grew accustomed. We moved to Wenatchee in 1999 and two years later to Leavenworth and we missed California style Mexican as much as anything. After 7 years of living here we told our friend who owns the Munchen Haus in Leavenworth that we were interested in a space downtown. He called a couple months later with the information that lead to the building which became SOUTH. We gutted the little building with the help of Cascade Contracting whose owners appreciated the old bones so we were able to save old plaster and brick and the 100 year old patch work wood floors.

Our concept was and still is Latin food and drinks as they are prepared in their home territories with a dedication to serving our local community. People often ask where we get our recipes and the answer is that we travel to different regions of Mexico, eating our way through open-air markets, roadside palapas and taquerias. We talk to cooks and ask how they make their dishes. Their generosity and enthusiasm often leads to tours of their little kitchens with them shaking bunches of herbs and repeating their pre-Columbian names. We look for inspiration closer to home as well, scouring through cookbooks, cooking with family and encouraging our Mexican-American kitchen staff to do the same. Some of our most important dishes like our Oaxacan black mole come from them and their families.

Coming from a restaurant family has been immeasurably helpful. Both my brother and parents have restaurants as well. My brother has Serrato in Portland, Oregon and my parents owned Luna in Spokane, Washington.

- Cappy Bond